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Generations of Change

Generations of Change
(Matt Armour)

1. My father was a ploughman in a wee place near Capely
   He worked on the land all the days o' his life
   By the time he made second he aye said he reckoned
   he'd ploughed near on half o' the east nuke of Fife.

   He'd feed on at Rambuston, Crawhill and Clephington,
   Tambo and Cornby and Big Renniehill
   At Kingsbarns he married, at Bowhills he's buried
   But man had he lived, he'd be ploughin' on still

   Ah but those days were his days, those ways were his ways
   To follow the plow while his back was still strong
   But those days are past, and the time come at last
   When the weakness of age must give way to the young.

2. Well I was nae for ploughin', to the sea I was goin'
   To follow the fish  and the fisherman's ways
   In rain, hail and sunshine, I watch the long run line
   No man mere contented his whole working day.

   I've long lined the shottie grounds,
   Dutch and the Dogger bank,
   Pulled the great fish from the deep devil's hole.
   I've side-trolled off Shetland, the Faroes and Iceland
   In weather much worse than a body could thole.

   Ah but those days were my days, those ways were my ways
   To follow the fish while my back was still strong
   But those days are past, and the time come at last
   For the weakness of age to make way for the young.

3. Now my sons they are grown, away they have flown
   To search for black oil in the far northern sea
   Like oilman they walk and like Texans they talk (yankees?)
   Aye, there's no much in common 'tween my sons and me.

   They've rough rigged on Josephine, Forties and Ninnian,
   Claymore and Dunlin, the Fisher and a',
   They've made fortunes for sure, for in one trip ashore
   They spend more than I earned in a whole seasons work.

   Ah but this day is there day, this way is there way
   To ride the rough rigs while there backs are still strong
   But their day will pass, and the time come at last
   For the weakness of age to make way for the young.

4. Now my grandsons they're growing, to the school soon be goin'
   But the long days of summer they'll spend here with me
   We walk through the warm days and talk of the old days
   Of cornfields and codfish, the land and the sea.

   We'll walk through the fields that my father once tilled,
   Talk to the old men who once sailed with me
   Man it's been awfully good, I'm showing them all I could
   Of the past and the present, what their future might be.

   For the morn will be their day, what will be their way
   What will they make o' the land, sea and sky?
   Man, I've seen awfully change, but it still seems very strange
   To look at the world through a young laddie's eyes.

   (Man, I've seen naught but change, but .....)

Copyright Matt Armour)
   from Ed Miller singing at FSGW program. learned 1985
   by Archie Fisher
   sung by Cila Fisher and Artie Trezeise

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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