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Keep Yor Feet Still Geordie Hinney

Keep Yor Feet Still Geordie Hinney

Wor Geordy and Bob Johnson byeth lay i' one bed
In a little lodgin' hoose that's doon the shore
Before he'd been an hour asleep a kick from Geordy's fut
Made him waken up te roar i'steed o' snore.

cho: Keep yor feet still Geordy hinney
     Let's be happy thro' the neet
     For we may nit be se happy thro' the day,
     So give us that bit comfort keep yor feet still Geordy lad
     And divent drive me bonny dreams away.

Aa dremt thor wes a dancin' held an' Mary Clark wes there
An' Aa thowt we tript it leetly on the floor,
An' Aa prest hor heevin' breest te mine when walsin' roon the room,
That's mair than Aa dor ivver de afore.

Ye knaa the lad she gans wi', they caall him Jimmy Green,
Aa thowt he tried te spoil us i' wor fun,
But Aa dremt Aa nailed 'im hevvy, an' blacked the big feul's eyes,
If Aa'd slept its hard te tell what Aa wad deun.

Aa thowt Aa set hor hyem that neet; content we went alang,
Aa kissed hor lips a hundord times or mair
An Aa wisht the road wad nivvor end, se happy like was Aa,
As cud waak a thoosand miles wi' Mary there.

Aa dremt Jim Green had left the toon an' left he's luv te me,
An' Aa thowt the hoose wes fornished wi' the best.
An' Aa dremt Aa just had left the Chorch wi' Mary be me side,
When yor clumsy feet completely spoilt the rest.

note: In the newly rennovated Killhope Lead Mine Visitor's Centre, Alston,
a bunk room in which labourers would sleep four abreast always
brings out the interest in schoolchildren, who of course usually sleep
alone nowadays in their beds. Geordy (a popular abbreviation for 'King
George's men') usually refers to those people who live around and about the
River Tyne, in the northeast of England.  This song still brings out the toe
tapping spirit in folk clubs everywhere in


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