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As I walk'd over London Bridge;
'Twas in the morning early
'Twas there I met with this Good Lady
Pleading for the Life of Georgey.

Come saddle to me your milk white steed,
And bridle him so neatly,
That I may away to my Good Lord Judge,
And Plead for the life of Georgey.

And when she Come to her Good Lord Judge
'Twas in the morning early,
Kind Sir I've one request of thee,
And that is the life of Georgey.

The Judge looked over her right shoulder,
And this did say to Jenny,
"Fair maid, Fair maid you've come too late
For he is condemned already.

The Judge look'd over his left shoulder,
And this did say to Georgey,
By the laws of the land you're condemn'd to die,
And the Lord have mercy on thee.

Georgey never robb'd any on the highway,
Nor never killed any,
But he stole sixteen of the King's fine deers
And sold them in Virginia.

As Georgey walked through the hall,
Taking his leave of many,
But his taking his leave of his own true love
Grieved him the most of any.

Georgey shall be hanged with a silken cord
Such as never hang'd any,
Because he's the son of a worthy knight,
And lov'd by a fair lady.

I wish I was on yonder hill,
Where kisses I've had many,
With a good broad sword drawn in my hand,
I'd fight for the life of Georgey.

Child #209
From Contentment, Douglas

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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