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Getting Ahead

Getting Ahead
(Kevin Becker)

1. Catch this rising star his name is Bob
   He's rising through the ranks with each new job
   And now he's asking for advice
   Saying he'll pay any price
   An obsession for getting ahead

2. Well he says he'll work that overtime and more
   And generate reports "that tell the score"
   He says he wants to make the big bucks
   Well then he'd better learn to duck
   A pre-requisite for getting ahead

3. Well ok, he says, promote me I'm no fool
   He wants that house, that car, that swimming pool
   But the business cannot wait
   And he'll die at fifty-eight
   An illusion called getting ahead

4. Well I saved one last thought here for the end
   Bob says he loves his family and his friends
   But he's always running late
   The wife and the kids can wait
   Forever, it's a race to get ahead
   Forever, it's a race to get ahead

copyright Kevin Becker

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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