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Gettin' in the Cows

Gettin' in the Cows
(Charlie Maguire)

cho: Gettin' in the cows, shoo em in the barn,
     Put em in the stanchion, turn the radio on,
     Milk em all dry, send em out again,
     Wait a month on the dairy for the check to come in.

Well start my day in the sun up dark,
I'm goin' down the lane to bring the milk cows up,
I've got a holstein and a jersey and a one-eyed steer,
Old brown cow jumps fences like a deer,
Dew's on the ground and my feet are wet,
I got a light in hand, hat on my head,
Down to the pasture to get my herd,
Just chewin' their cud and lookin' at the birds.

Well get up you cows, I get em on the move,
Their udders are swinging like water in ballons,
I go up to the barn and they know their place,
With the lead one first and I close the gate,
Bring the cart around, give them all some feed,
They lick their nose, flap their ears at me,
I put on the machine and it feels so good,
They let down their milk like a good cow should.

Well a tourist say a cow's face is so fine,
But I see the back ends most of the time,
Sweat all summer to put hay in the mow,
Then work all winter to feed it to the cow,
Well the milkin's all done I got the weather report,
I got my day all planned for my job of work,
Back to the pasture goes part of my life,
Now I'm going in the house and hug my wife.

Copyright Charlie Maguire (1982)

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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