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Ghostly Crew (II)

Ghostly Crew (II)

You may smile if you're a mind to, but perhaps you'll lend an ear
I am, man snd boy together, well on for fifty year.
I've tossed about the ocean through summer pleasant days
And though the stormy winters when the howling winds do rage

I've tossed about on Georges, went fishing in the Bay,
Out South in early summer-anywhere would pay.
I've been in different seasons on the Western Bank and Grand;
I've been in herring vessels bound down for Newfoundland.

There I saw storms, I tell you, and times looked mighty blue.
However, l've been lucky and always got safe through.
I ain't no brag, however-I won't say more, but then
I ain't no easier frightened than the most of other men.

One night when we were sailing we were off shore a way-
I never shall forget it in all my mortal days-
It was in that grand dark water I felt a chill of dread
Come over me as if I heard one calling from the dead.

When right over the rail they clambered, all silent, one by one,
A dozen dripping sailors. Just wait till I am done.
Their faces, pale and sea-wet, shone ghostly through the night
Each feller took his station as if he had a right.

They moved about before us till land was just in sight,
Or rather-I should say so-the light was Tower Light;
And then those ghostly sailors moved to the rail straightway
And vanished like a mystic [mist scud] before the break of day

Then we sailed right into harbor, and every mother's son
Can tell you this same story, the same as I have done.
The trip before the other-we were on Georges then
[We] ran down another vessel and sank her and her men.

These were the same poor fellers-I hope God rest their souls
That our old craft ran over that time on Georges Shoals.
So now you've heard my story; it is just as I say.
I do believe in spirits from that time to this day.

DT #701
Laws D16
From Doerflinger

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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