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The Girls at Home

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The Girls at Home
(Henry Clay Work)

When the day light fades on the tented field,
And the camp fire cheerfully burns,
Then the soldier's thought like a carrier dove,
To his own loved home returns;
Like a carrier dove, a carrier dove,
And gleams be yond the foam,
So a light springs up in the soldier's heart
As he thinks of the Girls at Home.

When the shadows dance on the canvas walls
And the camp with melody rings;
'Tis the good old song of the Stripes and Stars
That the fireside circle sings.
Of the Stripes and Stars, the Stripes and Stars
For love of which they roam;
But the final song and the sweetest one
is he song of the Girls at Home.

Now the silver rays of a setting moon
Thro' the lofty sycamores creep,
And the fires burn low and the sentries watch
O'er the armed host asleep.
And the sentries watch, he sentries watch
Till morning gilds the dome
Till the rattling drum shall the sleepers rouse
From their dream of the Girls at Home

From Songs of Henry Clay Work, Work

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