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The Girl I Left Behind Me 8

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The Girl I Left Behind Me 8

Come all ye handsome, comely maids
That live near Carlow dwelling;
Beware of young men's flatt'ring tongues
When love to you they'ree telling.
     Beware of the kind words they say
     Be wise and do not mind them
     For if they were talking till they die
     They'd leave you all behind them.

In Carlow town I lived, I own,
All free from debt and dangers,
Till Colonel Reilley listed me
To join the Wicklow Rangers.
     They dressed me up in scarlet red
     And used me very kindly,
     But still I thought my heart would break
     For the girl I left behind me.
I was scarcely fourteen years of age
When I was broken-hearted
For I'm in love these two long years
Since from my love I parted.
     These maidens wonder how I moan
     And bid me not to mind him
     That he might have more grief than joy
     For leaning me behind him.

From A treasury of Irish Folklore, Colum

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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