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Glad Rags Again

Glad Rags Again
(Jez Lowe)

 When this coat was a brighter blue
 Though it never was brand new
 I wore it till it crumbled at the sleeves
 And I've kept it all these years
 Though its darned with me joys and tears
 And its patches are my memories and my dreams
 We lived close to the kitchen floor
 And high on a never-locked door it used to hang
 Till at last it was tired and torn
 And it fell to the words of scorn my friends all sang

 CHO:     But I swear and vow
     If I only knew now all the things that I knew then
     I'd be glad to wear glad rags again
     Just tell me when
     And I'ld be glad to wear glad rags again

 There's a patch for the brown-eyed lass
 That led me to the grass
 And went home to a mansion on high
 And her friends in their fancy clothes
 Looked down from a well-bred nose
 But I buckled me coat and I looked them in the eye
 There a patch for the lonely nights
 When the son of a poor man's plight stung me blind
 And my mouth was a collier's curse
 For the cut of me cards at bird seemed so unkind


 There's a patch for the friends as warm
 In fair weather as in storm
 That I left on a corner end and I saw no more
 There's a million names in mind
 That I never should've left behind
 And swapped for a lonely beer on a foreign shore
 There's a patch for the chance I took
 In the hope that Lady Luck would steer in view
 And a patch for scrape so fine
 As yet another stitch in time would see me through



Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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