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Glasgow Town

Glasgow Town

Tae Glasgow town I came one night
Tae spend my penny fee
A bonny wee lass, she did consent
Tae bear me company

Tum a high, tum a do, tum a high, tum a day
Tum a high, tum a do, tum a high, tum a day

We wandered up Jamaica street
And doon the Broomielaw
Where organ lads were playin'
Aye and fiddlers one and twa

We went into an ale house
And I called for some gin
And all the lads and lassies there
They smiled as we came in

We had nae been a half an hour
When in come half a score
Of sailor lads and queens sae braw
Ye never saw before

They drank my malt, they drank my gin
They drank it all sae free
And 'ilka one, aye drank a health
Tae the bonnie wee lass and me

The night it passed, wi' mirth and sang
Till day at length cam near
And then the sailor's factor cried
All hands on deck appear

The lassies gie'd a parting kiss
The lads, they said goodbye
The last one as he went out
Said Jock you've all to pay

They took my watch, they took my chain
My spluken and my knife
A wonder that they did nae take
My wee bit spark a' life

I came into this world a bairn
Sae naked and sae bare
I went out that way from Glasgow
And I'll never gang nae mair


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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