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Golden, Golden

Golden, Golden
(Andy Stewart)

         G      Bm      C        G
Slowly, slowly, walk the path,
Em     Am7       D7
And you might never stumble or fall
G       Bm      C       G
Slowly, slowly walk the path,
G             Am7           D7      G
And you might never fall in love at all

CHO: Golden, golden is her hair
     Like the mornin' sun over the fields of corn.
     Golden, golden, flows her love,
     So sweet, and clean, and warm!

Lonely, lonely is the heart
That never another can call it's own
Lonely, lonely lies the part
That has to live all alone.

Wildly, wildly beats the heart
With a rush of love like a mountain stream
Wildly, wildly, play your part
As free as a wild bird's dream!

Copyright Andy Stewart

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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