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There's fifty young nobles rode up the King's hall,
But bonnie Glenlogie's the flow'r of them all.

Bonny Jean of Bethelnie came tripping down the stair
And she's fall'n sick with Glenlogie above all that were there.

She said to his footman that ran by his side
O what is that man's name and where does he bide?

He bides at Glenlogie when he is at home
He's of the gay Gordons and John is his name

Where will I get a bonnie boy to win horse and shoon
To go to Glenlogie and bid him to come ?

The first line that he read a low laugh gave he
The next line that he read the tear blinded his eye

O what a man am I or what is my make
That such a fine lady should die for my sake ?

O saddle me the black horse, o saddle me the brown
O saddle me the swiftest horse that ever rode from town

When he came to Bethelnie little mirth was there
But bonnie Jean's mother was tearing her hair

Bonnie Jean of Bethelnie lay pale and wan
But red and ruddg grew she when Glenlogle came in

O turn bonnie Jeannie, turn you on yaur slde
For I'll be the bridegroom and you'll be the bride

Child #238
From Seeds of Love, Sedley

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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