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Bonnie Jeannie o' Bethelnie

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Bonnie Jeannie o' Bethelnie

There was four and twenty nobles stood at the king's ha'
And bonnie Glenlogie was the flooer o' them a'
There was six and six nobles rade thro' Banchory fair
And bonnie Glenlogie was the flooer o' them there

There was nine and nine ladies sat in the king's ha'
Bonnie Jean o' Bethelnie was the flooer o' them a'
Doon cam Jeannie Gordon she cam tripping doonstairs
And she's favoured Glenlogie o' a' that was there

Glenlogie, Glenlogie gin ye will prove kind
My love's laid on you and I've told ye my mind
He turned him roond lightly as the Gordons does a'
I thank ye, Jeannie Gordon but I'm promised awa'

She ca'ed tae her maidens for tae make her a bed
Wi' ribbons and napkins tae tie up her head
Then oot spak' her faither and a wae man was he
I'll wad ye tae Dumfendrum he's mair gowd than he

O haud your tongue faither for that maunna be
Gin I get nae Glenlogie for him will I dee
Then her faither's ain chaplain a man o' great skill
He wrote a braid letter and indited it weel

A pox of ye Logie noo sin' it is so
A lady's love is on ye must she die in her woe?
A pox on ye Logie noo sin' it is time
A lady's love laid on ye, must she die in her prime?

When Glenlogie got the letter he being amang men
It's oot spak' Glenlogie what does young women mean?
When he looked on the letter a light lauch gied he
But e'er he read ower a tear blint his e'e.

Gae saddle me the blach horse and gae saddle me the broon
Bonnie Jeannie o' Bethelnie will be dead e'er I win
But the horses wisnae saddled nor led on the green
Till bonnie Glenlogie was three mile his lane

Pale and wan was she when Glenlogie cam in
But red and rosy grew she when she kent it was him
Whaur lies your pain lady does it lie in your head
Whaur lies your pain lady does in lie in Your side?

Oh, na, na Glenlogie you're far frae the pairt
The pain I lie under it lies in my heart
Turn roond Jeannie Gordon turn on your side
And I'll be the bridegroom and ye'll be the bride

Noo, Jeannie's gotten mairried and her tocher doon told
Bonnie Jean o' Bethelnie was scarce sixteen years auld
Bethelnie, Bethelnie ye shine whaur ye stand
And the heather bells aroon ye shine ower Fyvie's land

Child #238
recorded by Dick Gaughan

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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