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Lass of Glenshee (2)

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Lass of Glenshee (2)

On a bright summer s morning, the day was a-dawning,
Bright Phoebe arose and shone o'er the lea.
She was bleaching her clothes all down by the river,
She was feeding her flock on the hills of Glenshee.

I stood on amazed: says I, "Bonnie lassie,
If you will but go to Jamestown with me,
A bright carriage you'll have to ride at your leisure:
I'11 make you my bride, O lass of Glenshee!"

I don't care at all for your horses or carriages,
I don't care at all for your bold quality,
I'd sooner be here in my own counteree, sir,
A-feeding my flock on the hills of Glenshee.

"Don't tease me no longer, nor cause me to blunder.
Nor cause the folks all for to laugh at me
As they ride by me in their chariot and horses,
To hang their heads low at the lass of Glenshee.

I took her lily white hand and 1 gently embraced her:
At length she consented to go along with me:
"There's no one but you to step into my castle"
My heart soon belonged to the lass of Glenshee.

Long year-s have passed since we were united,
Since changes were wrought, but it hi-ought no change in me:
For my love is as pure as the roses of summer,
My heart is as white as the hills of Glenshee.

The lark may forget to sing in the morning,
Bright Phoebe might forget to shine o'er the lea,
But never will I. as long as I have my senses,
Forget to be kind to the lass of Glenshee.

From Cazden et al, Folksongs of the Catskills
Filename[ GLENSHE2

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