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Glory Train

Glory Train

It was a chill but sunny day in autumn
As the subway started rolling down toward town.
The faces on the riders were all cloudy,
And for every smile that day there was a frown.
Some folks were still sleepy, some were reading,
Some already working, some just bored,
When at the second station heading inbound
A woman got on singing, "Praise the Lord!"

 Chorus: This train is bound for glory, this train! [etc.]

The other passengers looked up in wonder -
This sort of thing was something new!
(Most of the time, there's little conversation,
And passengers who sing out loud are few.)
Her voice was clear and sweet, and full of glory,
And you could see that she enjoyed her task,
So no one felt like making her stop singing;
No one had the bravery to ask.

 Chorus: Ain't gonna study war no more, [etc.]

 Well, the passengers just kept on with their doings,
And the singer kept on singing loud and clear.
Her song was so infectious and so moving
As it rang out so everyone could hear.
Pretty soon, some people's feet were tapping,
And heads had started nodding to the song.
When, one by one, then two by two, and louder,
The other folks began to sing along.

 Chorus: I'll fly away, oh, Glory, I'll fly away. [etc.]

 By the time that train had reached town center,
That car, and the next one in the train,
Were rollicking with good old Gospel fervor,
And folks just singing out with might and main.
The authorities, of course, had been alerted
By the stations they had passed along the line,
So there might have been a little confrontation
If someone hadn't backed down just in time.

 Chorus: You gotta walk that lonesome valley, [etc.]

 After everybody had departed
To take up again their day's work, one by one,
The subway system settled back to normal,
And silence was the norm on every run.
Still, those who heard that rolling car of singers
Can remember how they felt that wondrous morn
And how their days' work seemed a little lighter
Since that time they heard the song reborn.

 Chorus: Oh, come, angel band [etc.]

 Copyright (c)1991, Bob Clayton. All Rights Reserved

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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