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Green Valley

Green Valley

 Oh the first young man that came courting me
 I'll make no doubt that he loved me
 With his false heart and his lathering tongue
 He was the first to entice me when I was young.

 Oh the first six months his love proved kind
 Until at last he changed his mind
 Saying "My parents call and I must obey
 So it's good-bye love, I am going away".

 I will hold you fast, I'll not let you go
 For you are mine by rights, you know
 For feel those vows that you made to me
 As the bright sun rose on Green Valley,

 It was on this book love you made me swear
 And those few lines you soon shall hear
 That no other marriage was I ne'er to make
 With no other man all for your sake

 Now must I go bound while he goes free
 Must I love a man that don't love me
 And must I play the childish part
 And love a man who has broke my heart.

 I will sing one verse and I'll sing no more
 Since the boy has gone that I adore
 I will change my mind like the wavering wind
 And depend no more on false mankind.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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