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God Help Ye, Harried Managers

God Help Ye, Harried Managers

Hod help ye, harried managers, another holiday
We trust that you will not permit this to stand in your way,
Of shipping all the software that was due out yesterday,

     Oh tidings of throughput and MIPS, throughput and MIPS
     Oh, tidings of throughput and MIPS.

When we all gathered 'round last Spring, the schedule to make
And all those folks in hardware said 'twould be a piece of cake
If only we'd considered all the tuning it would take

ANd now our product's almost done, and we're all mighty proud
We'll sing its praises out across the valley, clear and loud
But first we have to FCS upon the date we vowed!


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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