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Going Home 2

Going Home 2
(Aiden Clark and Jerome Dicks)

Stuck in this old city
  Where nothing seems the same
Living from day to day
  Playing the city game
Tired of trying to make it
  And life seems insane
I'm going back to where I came from
  And I'll never leave home again

    I'm going home, home, home
    I'm going back home
    The time has come and I have heard the call
    I'm going home, home, home
    I'm going back home
    And I'll be there when the summer meets the fall

I left home, I thought
  To find a better life
To find myself a job
  Find myself a wife
As hard as I have looked
  These things I haven't found
So now I'll take my sanity
  And now I'm homeward bound

A man is often faced
  With choices he must make
Of where to go and what to do
  And what road should he take
I've come to my senses
  This once and for all
I'm going back to my roots
  And I'll be three in the fall

Come all of you young people
  Who are about to leave home
Give hardy though I tell you
  Before you start to roam
To what it is you're leaving
  And where it it you're going
Don't move if you don't want to
  'Cause you'll always end up home

words by Aiden Clark, music by Aiden Clark and Jerome Dicks
From the collection of Andrew Draskoy

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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