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Come all you young people
That live far and near;
And I'Il tell you of the murder
That was done on the Nine Mile Spur.
They surrounded poor Goins,
But Goins got away,
He went to Ely Boggs's
He went there to stay.

Ely Boggs he foreknew him,
His life he did betray.
Saying, "Come and go with me,
And I'11 show you a nigh way."
They started up Nine Mile Spur,
Boys, they made no delay
Till they come to the crossroads,
Where Goins they did slay.

When they got in hearing,
They were layin' mighty still;
"Your money's what we're after,
And Goins! we will kill!"
When they got in gun shot
They bid him for to stand.
"Your money's what we're after,
Your life is in our hands."

Sweet heaven, oh sweet heaven!
How loud he did cry,
"To think of my companion,
And how I have to die."
When the gun did fire,
It caused his horse to run.
The bullet faiied to kill him;
George struck him with his gun.

After they had killed him,
With him they would not stay.
They drank up all his whisky
And then they rode away.
Mistress Goins she was sent for,
She made no delay.
She found his grave dug
Along by the way.

Young and old take warning,
To all that I do sing.
Don't kill a man for riches,
Or any such a thing.
As for poor Goins' widow,
His old mother too a-grievin',
I pray the Lord have mercy,
Till Judgment kills the sting.
note: Goins was a horse trader who was trapped by a band of robbers. He
  escaped to Boggs' house, but was betrayed by Boggs. RG

From Ballad Makin' in the Southern Highlands, Thomas
DT #801
Laws F22

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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