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I'm Goung for a Walk

I'm Goung for a Walk
(Ed Silberman)

Oh, friends I have a sad story
And I'll tell it so clear and so plain
I married a woman named Molly
But I bring her a world full of pain

She's the rose of my heart and my treasure
And that's why I just don't understand
Why when we disagree I get bothered
And I give her the back of my hand

CHO: So I'm getting my coat and I'm going for a walk
     Just to get the wife out of my danger
     To pick through my mind in hopes somewhere to find
     Why I've become such a stranger

Oh, it isn't because I don't love her
Sometimes we're so tender and soft
But then I'll fly off in a temper
With a rage I can't seem to turn off

When I was a kid, the folks quarreled
And sometimes my dad used his hand
And I stood and I stared in amazement
"I'll never be that kind of man"


Now some say I should go a doctor
And some say I should go see the priest
And some say I should find a new living
For my job turns me into a beast

And at night when I look on my children
I know I'm not raising them right
For I know children bicker and quarrel
But I see Jimmy's learning to fight


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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