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Five Take Two

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Five Take Two

Put on your old grey bustle, and get out and hustle
'Cause the rent is coming due;
In a field of clover, he will roll you over
If you can't get five, take two.

Put on those old lace panties, that used to be your auntie's
And we'll go for a tussle in the hay;
There is no use a-duckin' 'cause you're gonna get a fuckin'
In the good old-fashioned way.

Put on that old blue ointment, to the crab's disappointment
And we'll kill them bastards where they lay;
Though it burns and it itches, it will kill them sons of bitches
And then you can go out and play.

note: learned ca. 1946 on the streets of Brooklyn RG

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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