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The Good Boy (2)

The Good Boy (2)

I have led a good life full of peace and quiet,
Now I shall have an old age full of rum and riot;
Yes, I have been a good lad, careful and artistic;
Now I shall have an old age, coarse and anarchistic.

Once I paid my taxes and followed every rule;
Banker, boss, and bureaucrat thought me a willing tool;
I voted Democratic and paid the church its due;
Now all those swine will have to find some other chump to screw.

Of interest, banks and credit, insurance, tax and rent,
Of lawyers, agents, generals and clerics I repent.
With this (action here flashing a certain finger) for corporations
     and scorn for those elected,
I shall be an old bum, loved but unrespected.

See also Four Prominent Bastards
Sung by Faith Petrick

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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