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Hang Me From a Gooseberry Tree

Hang Me From a Gooseberry Tree

An Englishman, a Welshman and a Hebrew
They were sentenced to be hanged down Texas way
And they each wre asked to choose a tree to swing from
And they started with the Welshman right away

So the Welshman chose a pear tree and was happy
The Englishman said "Any tree will do"
So they chose for him an apple tree to swing from
When suddenly these words came from the Jew

"Hang me please from my favourite tree"
And the judge said "What tree will it be?"
"It's the tree I love best, it's my dying request
Hang me please from a gooseberry tree"

Then the judge said "But surely you know
That a gooseberry tree's awfully low"
"Oh all right then" says Mose
"I will wait til it grows

"Hang me please from a gooseberry tree"

I learned a version of this song many years ago, so long that
I can no longer remember where it came from but these were
the lyrics. The last line is to the tune of "In the shade of
the old apple tree" AZ


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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