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I've Got the Clanks

I've Got the Clanks

I hear vectors when the sky is clear
I see bogies when there's no one near
I get clanky when I'm in the sky
Way up so high

I get shaky when I'm in the soup
Think I'll transfer back into the Group
Red lights in the cockpit of the Deuce
Are out to clobber me
I've got the clanks.

We don't need supervision
We don't need T.O. revision
We don't need directives from the Group
We all know what's the matter
We just get a bunch of chatter
When we try to get the latest poop.
Colonel _______________ has no feeling
His letters are not revealing
Never says if he's pleased or not
There is nothing he can buy
To help me when I'm in the sky
'Cause I'm not brave, I've got the clanks.

(Tune:  You're Just in Love)
from There I was...Flat on my Back, Stevens

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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