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The Gal that Got Stuck

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The Gal that Got Stuck
(Uncle Dave Macon)

Now, I'd a young lady lived up the street
Got stuck on ev'ry young man she'd meet;
Got stuck on the mayor, got stuck on me
In fact, she'd get stuck on ev'rything she'd see.

Got stuck on the boarding house, stuck on the hash,
Stuck on the clerk and his black moustache.
Got stuck on the drummer, got stuck on his gall,
Stuck on the pawnbroker and stuck on us all.

Got stuck on a boxer, got stuck on tramp.
Got stuck on coal oil and she swallered a lamp.
Got stuck on a crank, got stuck on the jump,
She went after water and got stuck on the pump.

Got stuck on ham, she got stuck on soup,
Got stuck on ice cream, had to give her the scoop.
She got stuck on beer and she'd drink about a keg,
Went to do the flip-flop and stuck upon her head.

Got stuck on the landlord and his glass eye,
And went down to dinner, got stuck on the pie.
Got stuck on the butter, got it stuck full of hair,
Stuck on the puddin'and stuck to the chair.

Got stuck on a wash-ladder, stuck on her nose,
Got stuck in the snow and she like to froze.
Got stuck on a dude with a painted face,
Stuck on a billboard, stuck in place.

Got stuck on a preacher, got stuck on his plug.
Got stuck on a deacon, got stuck on his mug.
Got stuck on a marriager, got stuck on a dude.
Got stuck on a goat and a billygoat, too.

Got stuck on a singer named Texas Jack,
Sat down on the floor, got stuck on a tack.
That wasn't all, she wasn't satisfied,
Got stuck in the sewer and there she died.


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