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Max (To the Tune of "You Gotta Have Heart")

Max (To the Tune of "You Gotta Have Heart")

You gotta have Max,
Stacks and stacks and stacks of Max
Max's the man that if you've got a new site
He'll soon put it right for you:
Yes , you gotta have Max.

If you want to have your threads cut (doowadoo)
Made to measure or from racks,
Who's the cybernetic tailor --
No one else but Uncle Max!

(Max D. Spiegel's
Something regal)

It began with a song
But before it went on long,
He'd got things sorted by size
By genre and by colour of eyes --
Yes, you gotta have Max.

If you want to sort ascending (doowadoo)
If you want to sort by date
If you want to sort by birth sign
All you gotta do is wait -

(If it's illegal,
Its not Spiegel)

He'll give you your choice
Pink for girls and blue for boice,
If you ask for some technological leap
He'll work on it while you sleep --
Our Amnesiac Max.

Max is always plotting something (doowadoo)
To expand his little realm,
It's a bit like having Ahab
Or Captain Nemo at the helm -

(Hey ma'am or hey sir, wanna get yourself a tracer?)

You gotta have Max
He sorts by values or by facts,
And if you think there's something old DT needs,
Whistles or bells or beads --
Send your message to Max!

If you want your body searched (doowadoo)
Reputation unbesmirched;
Or you seek a private lookie --
Buy our Max's magic cookie!

(Max Vobiscum, not Nabiscum!)

Indestructible Max
Should come convenient in six-packs,
Or thanks to Madame Tussaud
He should be enshrined in wax -



Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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