Digital Tradition Mirror


(Mark Cohen)

Once there was Greenberg, Al Greenberg's son
He had a deli since 1951
Once he had corned beef sandwiches on rye
Fresh hot pastrami, so luscious, you could die
Where is the deli that Greenberg used to own?

Greenberg's is gone now, killed by the mall
Gone are the blintzes with sour cream and all
Now there's McDonald's and Wendy's everywhere
I ask for corned beef, and all they do is stare
Oh, how I wish we had Greenberg's back again

   I know, I know what made him go away
   But how can I keep eating these Big Macs every day?
   I hear those voices calling in the night:
   "Greenberg, I said well-done; can't you get it right?"
So I'll keep on waiting, and each night I pray
For a tornado to blow that mall away
Bring back the deli, never more to part
I'll drink an eggcream, and sing with all my heart- with passion, for Greenberg's once again!

Copyright Mark Cohen 1986
see also Once There Were Greenfields
tune: Greenfields

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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