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The Bonny Boy

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The Bonny Boy

I once had a boy and a bonny, bonny boy
And thought to make him my own;
But he loves another much better than me
And has taken his flight and is gone (2x)

Since he is gone now let him go
No longer for him will I mourn
If he loves another much better than me
Then I hope he will never return (2x)

I walked up the forest and down the green fields
Like one distracted in mind
I halloed and I whooped and l played upon my flute
But no bonny boy could I find. (2x)

I looked in the East, I looked in the West
The weather being hot and calm;
And there I did spy my bonny bonny boy
With another love close in his arms. (2x)

But I hasted by and never cast an eye
Though he thought I had been in love bound
I loved him so well, no notice l took
But was glad when him I had found. (2x)

He took me upon his dissembling knee
And looked me upright in my face,
He gave to me a dissembling kiss
But his heart was in another place. (2x)

Now you have got my bonny bonny boy
Be kind to my boy if you can
For though he's none of mine he's a pleasure in my mind
And I'll walk with that boy now and then. (2x)

From Seeds of Love, Sedley

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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