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Oh, Green Fields, Roxie

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Oh, Green Fields, Roxie

Oh green fields, Roxie
Oh green fields, Roxie
Tell me who you love, Roxie
Tell me who you love, Roxie
Oh (Miss Mable*), your name is called
Come and take a seat right beside your love
Shake his hand and let him go
Don't let him sit in that chair no mo'.

*or whoever is chosen

From Step It Down, Bessie Jones and Bess Lomax Hawes

Note: a playparty game. There's a chair in the middle of a ring;
     person in the chair sits next to the leader or caller. On
     "Tell me who you love", person in chair whispers name of someone
     in the ring to caller; on "Oh Mis..." caller sings that name.
     Person chosen comes out and stands beside chair; on last line,
     chosen one changes place with person in chair, who joins the ring.


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