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Grey Jacket and Grey Trousers

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Grey Jacket and Grey Trousers
(David Diamond)

Grey Jacket and grey trousers
This young girl she's put on
And like a young executive
Went rambling through the town.
She did engage with Personnel
A business man to be
For twice as much as he'd have got
If they'd known he was a she.

One day as she sat drowsing,
In a meeting far from short,
The message came for "Mr. Jones"
To the chairman to report.
"Young Man, the way your backside moves
Has quite beguiled me.
There's a quick promotion for you if
My sweetheart you will be."

"Oh, hold your tongue, dear Chairman,
Or else some other part,
For one of the same sex as I
Shall never win my heart.
You're very much mistaken,
And the same I'll quickly prove,
I mean to woo your secretary,
And quickly win her love".

To gain the secretary's aid
The truth to her Jones spoke
The secretary laughed aloud
And said it was a joke.
"For I have dressed this way to get
A job as best I can,
I'd never have been hired here
If they'd known I was a man".

This couple they got married
Their secret still concealed.
That very year the power of love
All Nature's laws repealed.
For soon there came a bouncing boy,
A mixed up little lad,
For he calls his father 'Mummy',
And he calls his mother 'Dad'.

DT #444

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