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Special Forces Song

Special Forces Song

Bird shit falling from the sky,
These are men who jump and cry.
One hundred men will shit today,
And wipe their ass with a green beret.

Sixth Regiment, you know the name,
Throughout Vietnam, you've heard our claim
When it comes to pride and fame,
Who needs that silly green beret?

Silver wings upon my chest?
I ride in choppers above the rest.
Although I get less dough this way,
Who needs that silly green beret?

At Ha Tahn or at Tra Bong,
I dare you, cunt, to say I'm wrong,
A dozen men we saved today,
And every one was a green beret.

In your compounds, there you sit.
The folks back home believe you, shit.
If they knew, they'd change their tone,
And pack your bags and send you home.

Note: Green Berets weren't universally admired by the other
From The Longest Year, Bowen and Fish
tune: The Green Beret

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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