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The Queen Berets

The Queen Berets
(Pinkert and Bowden)

Falling fairies from the sky.
I broke a nail, Oh I could cry,
Don't you like how my tushy sways?
We are the fags of the Queen Berets.

Bill Clinton's words upon my ears
"You guys have rights, be proud you're queer"
I once was scared, now I'm okay.
Cause I'm a fag in the Green Berets.

Put silver earclips on my nuts.
I love the pain, now spank my butt.
The way you walk is awfully cute.
I sure would love to pack your chute.

This Army stuff is awfully slick.
Free meals and clothes and lots of dick.
When I retire, I'll still get my pay.
I thank you Bill, from the Queen Berets.

copyright Pinkert and Bowden

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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