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Great Lakes Song

Great Lakes Song

CHO: Sweet Mother Michigan, Father Superior,
Coming down from Canada and Sault St. Marie.
Blue water Huron flow down to Lake Erio-O
     Off to Ontario and on out to sea.

The Great Lakes are a diamond on the hand of North America,
Brightly shining jewel on the friends they're bordering.
Blue water highway, coming down from Canada,
All along their coast lines you can hear them sing.

Hardy are the seamen on the ships that load the iron ore,
Coming down from Thunder Bay and bound for Buffalo.
Mighty are the fishermen, just like their fathers were before.
They say they'll bury me at sea when it  comes my time to go.

Down below the quarter deck, old men mend the fishing nets.
Up above the windy bridge, young men work into the wind.
All along the Windsor Straits, wives and mothers lie awake
And pray Our Lady Of the Lake will bring them home again.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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