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Great Speckled Bird

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Great Speckled Bird
(Roy Acuff)

What a beautiful thought I am thinking
Concerning the Great Speckled Bird;
Remember her name is recorded
On the pages of pure shining gold.
Al the other birds flocking 'round her
And she is despised by the squad;
But the Great Speckled Bird in the bible
Is one with the great church of God.

All the other churches are against her
They envy her glory and fame;
They hate her because she is chosen,
And has not denied Jesus' name.
Desiring to lower her standard
They watch ev'ry move that she makes
They try to find fault with her teachings,
But they cannot find any mistakes.

She is spreading her wings for a journey
She is going to leave by and by,
When the trumpet shall sound in the morning,
She will rise and go up in the sky.
In the presence of all her despisers
With a song never uttered before,
She will rise and be gone in a moment
Till the great tribulation is o'er.

I am glad to have learned of her meekness,
I am glad that my name's on the Book,
And I want to be one never fearing
On the face of my Savior to look.
When He cometh descending from Heaven
On the cloud, as He wrote in the Word,
I'll be joyfully carried up to meet Him
On the wings of the Great Speckled Bird.

note: The Acuff record I heard many years ago was the version
listed here as GRTSPCKL; this appeared in the sheet music attributed
to Acuff. I don't know. RG
Recorded by Roy Acuff
Copyright 1937, 1964 by Duchess Music Corporation

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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