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The Gum Tree Canoe

The Gum Tree Canoe
(S.S. Steele)

On Tombigbee  river so bright I was born,
In a hut made ob husks ob de tall yaller corn,
An dar I fust meet wid my Jula so true
An I row'd her about In my Gum Tree Canoe

cho: Singing row away row, O'er the waters so blue,
     Like a feather we'll float, In my Gum Tree Canoe

All day in de field de soft cotton I hoe,
I tink of my Jula an sing as I go,
Oh I catch her a bird, wid a wing ob true blue,
An at night sail her round in my Gum Tree Canoe.
     Singing row away  &c.

Wid my hands on de banjo and toe on de oar,
I sing to de sound ob the rivers soft roar;
While de stars dey look down at my Jula so true,
An' dance in her eye in my Gum Tree Canoe.
     Singing row away  &c.

Sung by A.F.Winnemore

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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