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One O'Clock the Gun Went Off

One O'Clock the Gun Went Off

     One o'clock! the gun went off,
       I cannot stay no longer,
     If I do, my ma will say
       I play with the boys up yonder;
     My stockings red, my garters blue,
       My boots all bound with silver,
     A red, red rose upon my breast
       And a gold ring on my finger.

Heigh ho! for Lizzie, O;
            My bonnie Lizzie, O;

If I had but one to choose,
            I'd choose my bonnie Lizzie, O.

     Rymour Club Misc. I (1906-11), 149, with music; from
     Gorgie school, Edinburgh. A line song, i.e. the players
     stand with their backs to a wall, a leader in front of
     them; at the fourth line she chooses another, and they
     swing round and round; at the close of the song the
     girls change places, and the game is resumed. "The first
     part of the air is adapted from `Will you Come to the
     Bower?'; the second from `How many miles to Babylon?'"
     A rather similar version in Ritchie Singing Street
     (1964), 14, Edinburgh, a pre-1914 skipping song.
     Cf. "My Delight's in Tansies".


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