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Gypsy Laddies

Gypsy Laddies

Three gypsies came tae our ha' door an' o but they sang bonnie
They sang sae sweet and sae complete that they stole the heart o a lady

Well she's come tripping doun the stair an a her maids gaed 'fore her
And the very first thing that she's gaed tae them was the gold ring off
  her finger

She's gaed tae them a fine bottle o the wine, the nutmeg an the ginger
But the very best thing that she gaed tae them wis the gold ring off her

It's you'll take off your silken goon, pit on your tartan plaidie
An ye'll come awa this lea lang nicht for to follow wi the gypsy laddies

Late that night her lord came home enquiring for his lady
The very last sicht that we had o her she was following the gypsy
Gie saddle tae me my black, my black, gie saddle tae me my pony
And I'll ride oer yon high, high hills in search o my dear lady

He's rade eastand he's rade west and he's rade tae Strathbogie
An there he's spied an auld beggar man and he's speired him for his lady

I've come east an I've come west an I've come frae Stathbogie
An the bonniest lady that eer I saw she was following the gypsy laddies

If this be the truth that ye tell tae me half o my lands I'll gi ye
But if it be a lie that ye tell tae me frae mycastle gates I'll hang ye

He's rade onand further on til he's came tae Strathbogie
An there he spied his ain dear wife lyin doon wi the gypsy laddies

Wid ye forsake yer houses an yer land, wid ye forsake yer baby
Wid ye forsake yer ain wedded lord tae gae follow wi the gypsy laddies

Yes I'd forsake my houses and my land, I'd even forsake my baby
I'd forsake my ain wedded lord tae gae wi the gypsy laddies
Last nicht I lay in a fine featherbed, my ain wedded lord lang beside me
This nicht I will lie in a cold barn shed wi the gypsies lyin a aroon me

For they are seven brothers o' us a', an' a' o' them sae bonnie
They were hanged every man according tae the law for the stealin o a gay
  lord's lady

sung by Cila Fisher and Artie Treizise
Child #200  See also files starting with GYP

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