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Gypsy Song Man

Gypsy Song Man
(Jerry Jeff Walker)

I'm a gypsy songman, yes sir, you'd like to hear a song,
I'll pick it for you now and play it all night long.
If the blues is all you see, this song is what you need,
Gypsy songman passing by.

My whole life is a song and I'll share it with you now,
Pickin' and a-singin', I'll get by somehow;
A dime would help me, pIease, a smile is all I need,
Gypsy songman passing by

Kids come a-runnin' as I pass by, they all want to see.
They say "Hey, Gypsy songman, play a song for me."
Their eyes glued on my strings - dancing as I sing,
Gypsy songman passing by

I've got a stage an ev'ry corner, a hall on ev'ry street
My hat is my coin box, this song is what you need.
It's just a swap in time; this song is for a dime,
Gypsy songman passing by

So now as I leave you, please remember me this time
I'm the man who played a song for your nickles and your dimes
Today you saw me play, as I stopped along the way
Gypsy songman passing by

From the singing of Jerry Jeff Walker
Copyright Jerry Jeff Walker

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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