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It Had to Be Hugh

It Had to Be Hugh
(Shannon Michael)

It had to be Hugh,
It had to be Hugh,
Who blew into town,
Met Divine Brown,
Said "Howja do,"
Then waved in her view
A twenty, then two,
And gave her a free
Ride in his BMW.

Now Hugh's in a stew,
The trades think he's through,
His lady-love, too,
Pressed for her view,
Mutters, "Hugh Who?"
But nobody else outed the Brits:
Before he got caught, we thought them all flits.
Who proved it ain't true?
Give him his due:
It had to be Hugh.

It had to be huge,
It had to be huge,
I just saw Divine
On Channel Nine
Fixing her rouge.
Hugh, take my advice:
She ain't worth the price.
The next time you lust,
Why don't you just
Phone Heidi Fleiss?

A pity you can't
Be like Cary Grant,
Who, when he got hot,
Called Randolph Scott--
Quelle rendezvous.
Still, it takes a mensch in this day and age
To blow O.J. Simpson off the front page.
You showed you got guts,
Also a putz,
That dangles from Hugh


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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