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The Halls of the High School

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The Halls of the High School
(Words: Lilit S. Suffet & Stephen L. Suffet)

As I wandered out in the halls of the high school,
As I wandered out in the high school one day,
I spied an old teacher, all down and defeated,
All harried and haggard, all grim faced and gray.

"I see by your plan book you are a new teacher,"
These words he did say as I slowly passed by.
"Come down to the lounge and you'll hear my sad story,
Of thirty-one years at Abe Lincoln High."

"Oh, back in the sixties I taught in a circle,
With activity corners all over the room,
I opened the corridors and opened the classroom,
And soon I was singing a Summerhill tune."

"And then came the seventies, behavior modification,
With token economies all over the place.
I handed out points and I handed out cookies,
And drew on each homework a bright smiling face."

"And then came the eighties, we went back to basics,
But back to whose basics I wanted to know.
We got rid of frills, like art, sports, and music,
And wondered each day why attendance was low."

"So now it's the nineties, we're told to restructure,
With cooperative learning and a new paradigm.
So take it or leave it, some day you'll believe it:
You'll see it all again when your years are like mine!"

Copyright 1996 Lilit S. Suffet & Stephen L. Suffet.
DT #350


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