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Handful of Songs

Handful of Songs
(Jerry Rasmussen)

All that I have is my grandfather's hammer,
his old railroad watch with the casing all worn,
and the bible my grandmother bought her last Christmas,
left to my mother, now she's passed it on.

Cho:      Some may leave money from a lifetime of saving,
     Some just their names on a marble stone.
     It's not what you leave, it's the joy of remembering
     And all I can leave you is a handful of songs.

Some may leave stories, well tuned in the telling
some may leave jokes that can still make you laugh,
some may leave lessons, hard in the learning,
some just a smile in an old photograph

Oh, how many days slip away without notice,
how many friends have we lost on the way,
how many good times are taken for granted
and only remembered when they've passed away.

copyright Jerry Rasmussen

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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