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Harbour Grace

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Harbour Grace

Oh, Harbour Grace is a very nice place
And so is the Bay of Islands,
So we give three cheers for Carbonear
When the boys comes home from swilin'.

Georgie he could build a boat
And he's the boy could drive her,
He's the boy could catch the fish
And take them home to Lizer.

I love to set by the big hot stove
And watch the kittle bilin',
Daddy will buy the baby a frock
When the boys comes home from swilin'.

Oh, Uncle George he went to town
To buy I aye some cotton,
If he don't bring the flowery stuff,
He needn't bring I nottin'.

Now we're bound for Carbonear
With our bright colors flyin',
The girls will wear new sealskin pants
When the boys comes home from swilin'.

Billy was our captain bold
And Georgie our commander,
But a great big sea washed over he
And drowned the Newfoundlander.

We'll all go down for Mackety Bay
And dere we'Il stay for de winter,
We'll all set down to a very good feed
With mussels in the corner.

From Folk Songs of Canada, Fowke and Johnston

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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