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Refugee Song

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Refugee Song

Here's a bumper, brave boys, to the health of our king
Long may he live, and long may we sing,
In praise of a monarch who boldly defends
The laws of the realm, and the cause of his friends.
     Then cheer up my lads, we have nothing to fear,
     While we are steadg and always keep ready
     To add to the trophies of this happy year.

The Congress did boast of their mighty ally,
But George does both France and the Congress defy;
And when Britons unite, there's no force can withstand
Their fleets and their armies, by sea and on land.
     Then cheer up etc.

Thus supported, our cause we will ever maintain,
And all treaties with rebels will ever disdain;
Till reduced by our arms, they are forced to confess,
While ruled by Great Britain they ne'er knew distress.
     Then cheer up etc.

Then let us, my boys, Britain's rights e'er defend
Who regards not her rights, we esteem not our friend;
Then, brave boys, we both France and the Congress defy
And we'll fight for Great Britain and George till we die.
     Then cheer up etc.

From Songbook of the American Revolution, Rabson
Note written 1779
Tune: Heart of Oak

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