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Haselbury Girl

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Haselbury Girl

As I was going to Haselbury, all on one market day
I met a little Haselbury girl, her business being that way
Her business being to market; with butter, cheese and eggs
And we both jogged on together, my boys
Sing: Fal-the-ral-looral-i-day

As we were jogging along the road, chatting side by side
I spied this pretty fair maid's garter come untied
And fearing she should lose it, I unto her did say
My love, your garter is coming untied
Sing: Fal-the-ral-looral-i-day

Now if you tie it up for me, rewarded you shall be
Then if I tie it up for you, come under yonder tree
Whilst tying up her garter, such a wonderful sight did I see
My hand did slip right up to her hip
Sing: Fal-the-ral-looral-i-day
Now since you've had your way to-day, pray tell to me your name
Likewise your occupation, from where and whence you came
Mly name is Jack the Rover, from Dub-i-lin Town I do come
And I live alongside of the Ups and Downs
Sing: Fal-the-ral-looral-i-day

Returning home from the market, her butter it being all sold
And a-losing of her maidenhead, it made her blood run cold
O it's gone, it's gone, so let it go, it's gone to the lad I adore
And he lives alongside of the Ups and Downs
And I'll never see him any more

From Folksongs of Britain and Ireland, Kennedy
Collected from Harry Cox, 1953

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