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Haul 'Er Away

Haul 'Er Away

Little Daisy Dawson
     Haul 'Er Away!
She's got flannel drawers on
     Haul 'Er Away!
So says our ol' bosun
     Haul 'Er Away!
With a hauley high-O!
     Haul 'Er Away!

Little Sally Racket
She's pawned my best jacket
And she's lost the ticket.

Little Betty Baker
Ran off with a Quaker
Guess her mum could shake 'er.

Little Susie Skinner
Says she's a beginner
But prefers it to 'er dinner.

Little Flo Fanana
Slipped on a banana
Now she can't play the pianner.

Little Rosie Riddle
Broke her brand new fiddle
Got a hole right in the middle.

Little Polly Walker
Ran off with a hawker
Oh, he was a corker.

Little Kitty Carson
Ran off with a parson
Now she has a little barson.

Little Winnie Duckett
Washes in a bucket
She's a whore but she don't look it.

Up me fightin' cocks, now
Up and split them blocks, now.
Up and stretch 'er luff boys
And that'll be enough, boys.

Recorded by Killen, 50 South to 50 South

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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