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The Heads, or the Year 1776

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The Heads, or the Year 1776

THE HEADS, or the year 1776

Ye wrong heads, and strong heads, attend to my strains;
Ye clear heads, and queer heads, and heads without brains,
Ye thick skulls, and quick skulls and heads great and small,
And ye heads that aspire to be heads over all.
    Derry down, &c.

Ye ladies (I would not offend for the world!)
Whose bright heads, and light heads, arc feather'd and curl'd,
The mighty dimensions dame Nature surprise,
To find she'd so grossly mistaken the size.

And ye petits maitres, your heads I might spare,
Encumbr'd with nothing but powder and hair,
Who vainly disgrace the true monkey race,
By transplanting the tail from its own native place.
Enough might be said, durst I venture my rhymes.
On crown'd heads, and round heads, of these modern times;
This slippery path let me cautiously tread,
The neck else will answer, perhaps, for the head.

The heads of the church, and the heads of the state,
Have taught much, and wrote much, too much to repeat;
On the neck of corruption uplifted, 'tis said,
Some rulers, alas, are too high by the head.

Ye schemers 'and dreamers of politic things,
Projecting the downfall of Kingdoms and Kings,
Can your wisdom declare how this body is fed,
When the members rebel and wage war with the head.

Expounders, confounders, and heads of the law,
I bring case in point, don't point out a flaw;
If reason be treason, what plea shall I plead?
To your chief I appeal, for your chief has a head.
On Britannia's bosom sweet liberty smil'd,
The PARENT grew strong whilst she foster'd the CHILD;
IIl treating her offspring, a fever she bread,
Which contracted her limbs, and distracted her head.

Ye learned state doctors, your labors are vain,
Proceeding by bleeding to settle her brain;
Much less can your art the lost members restore,
Amputation must follow, perhaps something more.

Pale Goddess of Whim! When with cheeks lean or full
Thy influence seizes an Englishman's skull,
He blunders, yet wonders, his schemes ever fail
Though often mistaking the head for the tail.

From Music for Patriots, Politicians and Presidents, Lawrence
Published in the Pennsylvania Evening Post April 17, 1777

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