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Heavenly Aeroplane

Heavenly Aeroplane

Oh, one of these days around twelve o'clock
The whole wide world will reel and rock
The sinner will tremble and cry for pain
And the Lord will come in his aeroplane.

Cho:      All you thirsty of every tribe
     Get your tickets for an aeroplane ride;
     Jesus our Saviour is coming to reign
     And take you to glory in His aeroplane.

Oh, talk of rides in automobiles
Talk of fast times in motor wheels
We'll break all records as we upwards fly
For an aeroplane joyride in the sky.

You must get ready if you take this ride
Leave all your sins and humble your pride
Furnish a lamp both bright and clean
And a vessel of oil to run the machine.

When our journey's over and we all sit down
At the marriage supper with a robe and crown
We'll blend our voices with a heavenly throng
And praise our Saviour as the years roll on.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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