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Heaven Will Protect an Honest Girl

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Heaven Will Protect an Honest Girl
(R.P. Weston, Bert Lee, Harris Weston)

On the day I left the village, my dear Mother whispered, "Nell
Take this piece of bread and dripping and your fare,
And remember when in London, though you're just a servant gel
You're a blonde, the sort that gentlemen ensnare.
With your youth and fatal beauty, when you get to Waterloo
There'll be crowds of dukes and millionaires all waiting there for you

     Heaven will protect an honest gel,
     An an-gi-el will guard you, little Nell.
     When these rich men tempt you, Nelly,
     With their spark-el-ling Moselly,
     Say "Nay! nay!" and do be very care-fu-el!
     And if some old bloated blase roue swell
     Says 'I'll kiss you, we're alone in this hotel;'
     Breathe a prayer he shall not do it
     And then biff him with the cruet,
     Then Heaven will protect an honest gel!"

When I got to wicked London in my little clogs and shawl,
And my but of bread and dripping in my hand,
I went up to that big Lifeguard on his horse outside Whitehall
And I asked him to direct me to the Strand.
But he didn't even answer; he just sat there with his sword
In a helment that had whiskers on, so I said,"Thank the Lord---for:

     Heaven will protect an honest gel,"
     And I reached Picadilly safe and well
     There I saw a red light glowing
     But across I started going
     When a P'liceman pulled me back I nearly fell.
     "You're a silly little fool," he starts to yell
     "Don't you know what that red light means?" I said, "Well,
     Red's for danger, if you please, sir,
     But don't switch it on for me, sir,
     'Cause Heaven will protect an honest gel!"

Optional second verse chorus (or first chorus of third verse if
     three verses are used):

Heaven will protect an honest gel,
That night I got a job at some hotel,
But the chef was most improper
For he sat me on the copper
And said  "Kiss me or I'll boil you, little Nell."
But I slapped him on the face---and in I fell,
And I came up for the third time with a yell,
"In the soup I'm going to simmer,
But I'll come out clean and slimmer,
For Heaven will protect an honest gel!"

I wandered round Li-cester Square from six o'clock till nine
But no millionaire came tempting me to stray,
"If he does", I thought, "I'll let him take me to the Ritz to dine
Then I'll gollop up his tripe and run away."
Eeh by gum!  I did feel hungry!  Eeh!  I hadn't had a bite
Since my bit of bread and dripping, and I knew that Ma was right---For:

     Heaven will protect an honest gel.
     Next day I pawned my shawl in Camberwell,
     Then my skirt and blouse, I sold 'em
     And went tramping back to Oldham;
     When a fortnight passed, then I rang at the bell.
     "Eeh, but Mother dear," I said, "it's little Nell,
     I have lost my sole---my uppers too, as well---
     And I've walked home in my undies.
     But I'll tell my Class on Sundays
     That Heaven will protect an honest gel!"

Copyright 1933, Francis, Day and Hunter
SUng by Gracie Fields

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