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Hell in Arizona

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Hell in Arizona

The Devil was given permission one day
To select him a land for his own special sway
So he hunted around for a month or more
And fussed and fumed and terribly swore.

He at last was delighted a country to view
Where the prickly pear and the mesquite grew
With a survey brief, without further excuse
He stood on the bank o the Santa Cruz.

He saw that there were some improvements to make
For he felt his own reputation at stake,
An idea struck him, and he swore by his horns,
To make a complete vegetation of thorns.

He studded the land with the prickly pear
And scattered the cactus everywhere
The Spanish Dagger, sharp-pointed and tall,
And at last the chollas to outstick them all.

Filled the river with sand 'til 'twas almost dry
And poisoned the land with alkali
And promised himself on its slimy brink
To control all who from it should drink.

He saw there was one improvement to make
So he imported the scprpion, tatantula and snake
That all that might come to this country to dwell
Would be sure to think it was almost hell.

He fixed the heat at a hundred an 'leven
And banished forever the moisture from heaven;
And remarked as he heard his furnaces roar,
That the heat might reach five hundred more.

And after he fixed things so thorny and well
He said," I'll be damned if this don't beat hell!"
Then he flapped his wings and away he flew
And vanished from earth in a haze of blue.

note: It's been said that when the devil was gioven a choice of homes-Arizona or
hell-he decided to rent out Arizona, RG

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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