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Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson
(Chris Rawlings)

1.  Henry Hudson explored the Arctic Sea
    All in the ship Discovery
    While sailing south on the coast of a great bay
    'Twas there his crew conspired of mutiny.

2.  Cast off the ropes and drift thee well, old man,
    You and your faithful seven:
    No more you'll lead our fortunes astray -
    We are returning straight to England."

3.  Henry Hudson looked to the coast
    And to his ship receding
    No word spoke Henry to his loyal crew
    But held his son, who now was weeping.

4.  Upon the shore, no welcome received:
    The land was rough and rocky
    Upon the moss they found a fire pit
    Which showed a land that was not empty.

5.  "Gather firewood from the shrub
    And find a place for shelter,
    For where there's faith to live we will not die,
    Although our dreams they may be shattered.

6.  I do not grieve the loss of my ship
    Nor exile from my country
    I only grieve men hold too great a fear
    To understand the scope of discovery."

7.  Repeat v. 1

Copyright Chris Rawlings, Montreal

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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